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Ferrex MYTH
A group built off the ashes of two others. Two top groups putting
aside their differences to merge and make something brilliant. The
first title we put out was CC TS - FIRESTORM *STANDALONE* back in
2000. The amount of major titles since then is unbelieveable, regardless
of what some people may try to get you to think. Unlike our competitors
egos did not make us decide to call it quits. A dying rip scene and a
dying scene all together made this choice for us.
We were a group of passionate friends, a group that was known to push
the boundaries and vocalized our opinions without hesitation.
Not only were we friends online, we were known to go and meet yearly
in various places around the world. Although we have found ourselves
making allegiances with unworthy individuals on more then one occasion,
we learned from it.
Many nights we recall sitting up and having complete cohesion in the
group and beating a rival by a matter of seconds. We also remember
being on the opposite side and losing that title. Many have come and
gone, but none of these people will be forgotten. We were here for
the competition, here for the fun and most of all, the friendship.
When we leave we like to think we made an impact.
We were the first to take the initiative on a dying scene and create
new rules, twice.
We once again showed true innovation on the first DVDRip of all games
groups in the scene back in 2003.
While the competition struggled with protections like Safedisc 3 and
Starfoce, we were the first to beat them.
No other group supported the titles they released as much as us.
We were the most active games group doing trainers. We released hundreds
of crack updates and patches when the competition would lack the patience
to continuously keep active.
Some majors that were most anticipated we released included:
Empire Earth I II
Stronghold II
Grand Theft Auto III
Warcraft III: Frozen Throne
Colin McRae 04
Lords of the Realm III
Neverwinter Nights
These are just a very few of the many major titles we released.
We believe that the rip scene is one of incredible skill. Not only
is there the cracking talent needed to be successful like that of ISO,
you must have dedicated coders and rippers to fully complete the task.
Much time is needed to perfect a rip like that of Neverwinter Nights.
(Well never forget you old friend) With the faster speed of the
internet, equates to less usage of rips and just makes it not worth it.
When you are releasing upwards of 30 games a month some months, and you
know not many people are downloading them. It hardly gives you the
rush of winning the title. We see groups throw out games now with stolen
cracks and are completely non-working. These titles are not nuked, as no
one even notices anymore, indeed a sad time in the scene.
We look at the state of everything now, P2P, torrents, ISONEWS and
NForce. While people believe that these things do not damage the scene
they are of course incorrect. NForce and ISONEWS gives the scene too much
exposure. When anyone, from some lamer can type in an address, and read
sometimes sensitive information, and see what has been released
is of course not a good thing. Now millions of people can download
off P2P or torrents with a few clicks. People wonder why there is so
many busts, its because of the exposure. Now its not a few hundred
thousand copies lost for the software developer, its millions.
MYTH being as innovative as we have been, had some plans to change this
but we realize no one really cares anymore. For those that want to change
the scene as much as we did, heres a few ideas to make it secure.
- Automate all trading, get rid of the middle man. Something that has
been talked about numerous times, just no follow through.
- Add a demo to the exe of the game itself to show the info on the game
rather than a NFO. Make it a image that is constantly moving so you
cannot screenshot it. Thus killing off sites like ISONEWS and NForce.
- Perhaps standardize a way of crypting releases, we know the burden
that comes with this option, but this could possibly kill off P2P and
torrent, making it safer for everyone again.
- Groups and members of old must realize this is a new scene not
the one they were used to, adapt.
As we have adapted before we will go into hibernation and get ready
to adapt again. Will MYTH be back? I would say yes. But we will not let
some old member get an approval to restart it. Or somebody with motivation
ask permission to bring back a legendary group. The only way this group
will be coming back is if one of the last leaders is active in the group,
otherwise its just not the same.
Considering the amount of people that helped this group I could go on
forever thanking, but I would like to just keep it to a minimum.
Thanks to:
All those you made this group something special, even though in the
last year or 2 some split off, you will still be remembered for the
contributions you made to this group. We salute our old competition, thanks
for driving us to work harder and faster. Special thanks to the Ducks of
old, you guys will be greatly
- G L
P.S. - If you are going to steal one of the most respected names in PC
GAME ISO history, do not release a comeback title like Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory. Amateurs. Sad to see such a great name be stolen and
used, and not even release anywhere like it used to, with less
competition then ever before. Get a clue and throw the towel in.
The group that never sold!
[ ON 07/JUL/2002 ]
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