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Real NFOShow the real NFO
1911 JeD
War Times (c) Strategy First
Date: April 1st, 2004 Game Type: RTS
Supplier: Razor1911 Size: 2 CDs
Cracker: - Protection: CD Key
These are times of fear. These are times of chaos. These are War Times.
Follow the tumultuous era of the Second World War through the actions of
Germany, Great Britain, the USA or the USSR; each nation is totally
different and uses unique strategies in their attack and defense and all the
campaigns are based on real historical events, bringing an unparalleled
realism to the fight.
Use the impenetrable German offensive squads, complete with the most
powerful ground units, weapons and artillery. Conquer special missions with
the USAs elite soldiers army and advanced vehicles. Stay on the defensive
with Great Britains unparalleled defensive units and radar detection. Or
knock em dead with the Russians unstoppable firepower on land, air or in
the sea.
- 3D graphics give the player full freedom of movement with several kinds of
cameras and zoom levels.
- Four nations to choose from: Germany, USA, USSR and Great Britain, each of
them with exclusive units, buildings and tech-trees.
- More than 80 different units and 70 structures to build.
- 32 mission campaign replaying real acts of the Second World War,
accompanied by spectacular full motion videos.
- Powerful multiplayer game: Cooperative gameplay and the possibility to
share allied units of different nations on more than 35 multiplayer maps.
- Military units of every nation are unique: each military unit has its own
properties and special abilities.
- Battle on the ground, sea and air.
- Spectacular soundtrack and incredible sound effects.
- A powerful map editor allows you to create new and exciting missions
easily and quickly.
Extract, mount/burn the bins/cues, install using this key: 77T4XNN4FR3UV4AB
play enjoy!
Recently it has been suggested that Razor 1911 turned down an opportunity
to become a part of a standards body to define and dictate standards for
the ISO scene at large. We would like to take a brief moment now and
debunk this myth.
First and foremost, the accusation that Razor 1911 somehow opted out of a
meeting between all cracking groups is totally untrue. Razor 1911 was never
afforded such an opportunity.
What we were offered, through an intermediary, was a part in a plan to
create encryption systems to make all group releases unusable by any
individuals other than those each group deemed worthy of having the
decryption keys and tools. This ridiculous offer (if it could indeed be
termed as such) was, of course, rejected out-of-hand.
Aside from the fact that our releases would become totally unusable to our
audience, which has its own set of issues, the chief problem with any kind
of strategy of encryption and key management for authorized group members
is the problem of centralized control. Because of decentralization, one
entity getting busted doesnt result in a domino effect where the rest of
the scene falls apart like a house of cards. Handing the prosecution a
potential golden goose in the form of the person holding all the keys for
his group is not only tyrannical, it is foolhardy. The only conclusion a
sane person can make about the plan, in fact, is that the leadership that
hatched it should be analyzed critically to determine if they belong in the
scene at all.
Razor 1911 is not reckless and we would prefer it if our competitors also
chose to behave in a more prudent manner. Their actions have repeatedly
shown us that they are unwilling to do so and that winning at all costs
is a mantra still practiced in the scene. Whether releasing marked copies
of games, getting kicked off of sites for selling leech slots, or making
false accusations at others, it becomes clearer every day who the real
threat to the scene is.
To the honorable competition...
Razor 1911 /__ Since 1985
/ /
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