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Real NFOShow the real NFO
In regards to todays pre of the 2k9 console standards we
disagree with a few and will not be signing the new rules.
2.4) The image of the xbox 360 game must be in .iso with .dvd file
nothing wrong with the iso being named .000 aslong as the dvd points to
a valid image, we use .000 so the not so smart dont burn the iso
and mess up a disk. (face it they are out there)
2.8) PAL/NTSC dupes are only allowed when the initial game was not region
free or when there are additional foreign languages.
Alot of people dont boot a game from another region. your basically saying
take the first region free pressing that comes along. Just because they dont
ban for it dont mean they cant or will not.
2.12) A release must be pred no later then 30 days after retail date.
If a game has no valid region rip who are you to say how much time is
enough for a valid rip?
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