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Real NFOShow the real NFO
This nfo will give SOME of the fuckups and insanity in the 2009 ruleset that pred a few days ago.
1. Resolutions - Why are you forcing groups to use 640px MAX? Dvdrs are mastered in 720x576p so why not
let groups use 720px so that there is less of a quality loss? We realise 720px shouldnt be used with say
900bitrate as it would give a lower crf quality value than if you used 640px but for say example 1700
bitrate 1400mb AC3 rip 720px should be allowed as it will give higher quality. The resolution rules
SHOULD be to allow 720px only with bitrate of somewhere of 1200-1300+. No point forcing groups to release
in worse quality, some groups actually like releasing the best quality and xvid settings they can. Only
reason i think this was lowered from 672px was either that the groups didnt want 720px allowed as they
want them to encode faster and would get the piss taken out of them if they pred in 640px when 720px was
allowed OR mpaa are paying the writers of the txd2k5 to reduce the quality of scene pres so more people
buy the movies on dvd or see it at the cinema. Same applies for fullscreen, 720px should be allowed for
that too.
Go and work out crf values for certain bitrates and come up with minimum bitrates allowed for 1.70-3.00
and 1.00-1.69 releases to use 720px so that groups who want to pre in the maximum quality possible can do
2. Filesizes - why allow 550mb and not 440mb? 550mb 1/8 of a dvdr, 440mb 1/10 of a dvdr, why not have an
inbetween size rather than just 350mb and 550mb? Why are we still using 2x700 (1400mb)? 2 cdr-s cost more
than 1 dvdr, it makes no sense to use that. Instead we should have had 1119mb (1/4 dvdr), 1493mb
(1/3dvdr), 2100mb (3x700mb). 2100mb would be needed as .avi has a filesize limitation of 2gb but only
around 0.1 of movies are 3cds so that isnt really important. This would add 93mb filesize compared to
1400mb so better quality and would fill the dvdr fully instead of leaving 238mb spare when you add
6x700mb .avi files to a dvdr. It would add 1119mb which would mean we could have ac3 for most movies (avg
of say 2hrs for a movie) and save on 281mb instead of downloading a 1400mb release. Dvdrs are the future
3. Max/min filesizes, you chose 690-702mb for 700mb which is fine but what about say 350mb? do we do half
of that so 345-351mb? do we do 347-352mb which is generally accepted for tv-rips but not in any official
ruleset? is 300mb allowed as it doesnt say to use 1/2 of what the limits are for 700mb releases
(690-702). What about 175mb releases? do we do 1/4 of those limits if so 176mb files wouldnt be allowed
as 4 of those would equal 704mb which wont fit on a cdr. What about 1400mb releases, we presume 690mb for
each cd is allowed? 1380mb would be the allowed min total?
Our suggestion is that you make it +-2mb for all sizes under 700mb and allow 690-702mb for EACH cd.
4. year tagging, we personally agree on year tagging to be compulsary as if a release pres today and you
see it in a site archive in 3yrs time and it has no year tag you wont know straight away if its a new
movie, youd have to look it up on imdb. HOWEVER, it does say must so releases are to be nuked if they
dont include year tag but what happens if someone wants to proper for that, rules say no propering for
non-technical flaws, does that mean no-one can proper it and it stays nuked? Maybe youd better re-write
this as it looks like diamond will be ignoring this rule.
5. Extras for movies or tv shows, are we to put say 20 .avi files into 1 set of rars and pre them as or should each extra be pred seperately? Can we join extras together
into 1 .avi file? Some groups pre each extra seperately as there is no rule saying you can put multiple
.avi files in 1 set of rars, how about you write a rule to allow it as preing 20 releases is crazy.
6. Tagging - Do we use DVDSCR or DVDSCREENER, its not in the allowed tags list. Do we use WORKPRINT or
WP, this also isnt in the allowed tags list.
7. Repacks - Why is there not a compulsary need to add a reason in the nfo for a repack? We dont want to
have to download 1400mb again if its something that we might think is minor like missing 10secs of
credits at the end, if it was compulsary we would know why it is repacked and could make an educated
decision to re-download the release or not.
8. Why is it not compulsary to use the BEST audio source available on a bluray to make a 448kbps .ac3
file from? now people can make it from a 640kbps .ac3 instead of a 1.5mbps dts-hd ma 7.1 track. We admit
it may not make a huge difference but theres no point allowing groups to use a lower quality source when
there are better available.
9. For dvdscreeners it says: nfo shall contain presence of studio watermarking, blackwhite scenes and
counters or lack thereof. How about include scrolling text or moving codes which are starting to happen
on some new dvdscr, they move in 5 locations horizontally which happened in a cartoon stv dvdscr a few
months back, cant remember its name. How about you state that blurs must have smooth edges instead of
sharp like with hellboy.2.dvdscr which didnt have smooth blurring and so made the distinction very big.
Make blurs mandatory to be clear and not coloured so we dont have purple blurs like we saw a few months
back on a dvdscr, cant remember the release name.
10. Minimum bitrates for credits - Movie credits may be encoded at a lower bitrate unless they contain
scenes like bloopers or continuation of story.. Is 400 allowed? 20? 3? How about you set a minimum of say
500 or we might see 20bitrate credits which would be unreadable.
11. sample durations - 1 full minute in length and in a separate folder marked as Sample. is 59secs
allowed? 61? How about you make it 50-70secs and if it goes out of those boundaries it gets nuked? Do we
allowed propering for incorrect duration of samples, it is a technical flaw afterall, how about you add
some info about that.
12. end of movie/bloopers in credits Credits may be encoded at a lower bitrate unless they contain scenes
like bloopers or continuation of story.
this means that if a group did a ts of a movie and then people starting leaving their seats and getting
in the way of the camera you cant pre it as a ts as its missing some extra scenes/bloopers? Not many
cammers would risk leaving their camera in view in the off chance the movie has some extra scenes at the
end and wouldnt be able to pre then as rules say internal is only for filesize differences. How about you
add internal is allowed for ts when its missing scenes in credits otherwise we could be missing out on
some good quality TS.Xvid movies.
13. nfos - it says nfos should contain and then a list of things, how about you made some of those
compulsary as you could theoretically just paste the release name in an nfo and pre it, like what some
american tv groups do.
these should be mandatory and the other 3 should be optional:
Group name
Actual XviD release date
DVD release date
Theatrical release date (US preferably)
Video size
Resolution / Aspect Ratio
Audio codec / Audio bitrate
Video bitrate
Movie runtime
IMDB / Amazon / Any other DVD site info link
Number of rars per CD (e.g. 50x15MB)
The more rules that precisely specify what is and isnt allowed the better, less ambiguity less nukewars
happy everyone:)
Now go away and make: The.XviD.Releasing.Standards.2009.V2 then we can all be happy
Download nfoThe.XviD.Releasing.Standards.2009.REBUTTAL-CantBelieveTheMess.nfo

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