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Real NFOShow the real NFO
Yah , Yah ... another lame, stupid nfo.
After Seeing Videos , Webpages , nfos literally being released daily...
Time for my Two Cents.
Seems everyone lately is on the edge , waiting for the inevitable to happen.
Its not a matter of if ... but when , the next *major* BUSTS ... yes BUSTS are
going to happen.
As we all know , there are some major loop holes in The Scene , we all know them
but tend to ignore them. Hopefully this will be the last *Wakeup Call* before what
we wait for daily actually happens.
We all read nfos about Scene Loopholes and say lame , dumb , gay , and
once again turn a blind eye, being ignorant and thinking we will never get busted,
or it will never be me.
Being around for a few years now , ive learned that anyone everyone is just as
likely to get the famous *knock on the door* from the authroitys as the next person
over. In the past years i have seen friends who i have known for a long long time
who yes , secure themselves, get *busted* quote.
.... if you think your exempt cause you got a bnc or site proxy , think again.
Lets look back 1 year at a famous site network Linknet:
1 year ago Linknet was heard about but not known about .. max global users 6000.
Today , present time ... Current global users: 14673 Max: 15582
It has more then doubled in less then a year. Yes quite shocking.
How easy is it to get into The Scene .... ?
1) Know someone who is a racer of a site (which is tons)
2) Get access to supply anything everything from old movies , MP3 , TVShows
3) Able to afford 70/month for a rented box
and boom! Your now a part of The Scene and on sites
As an experiment ... i took who we will call John Doe, who had no concept of ,
The Scene , a person who was downloading from XDCCs daily and seen how long
it would take them to get into The Scene.
John Doe hit packetnews , and some other Public XDCC catcher websites
to see which public channels got stuff fastest. Alot of times John Doe was always
at a channel on
John Doe downloaded from XDCCs at #dynasty and hated to be in queue all the time
for the lastest movies and games, so John Doe set out to find the source of where #dynasty
got their latest movies/games from. John Doe chatted in their public chat channel #dsy
and upon talkin to the users , ops of that channel got a basic concept of The Scene.
John Doe Figures just from chatting that there are such things called Topsites ,
mass sites with alot of bandwidth in which release groups , release their goods on.
John Doe then set out to find these topsites, chatting more with users in the channel
got a basic trust from some of the users and a concept of racing, releasing, etc.
John Doe claimed they had access to early MP3 so was invited to a private channel to
talk to 3 other users , which happened to be with an MP3 group who released into The
Scene John Doe agrees to join this MP3 group, supply them with early albums, and
various MP3 titles, and in return gets to join their group!!
That only took 6 days ! .....
Once part of this MP3 group , John Doe got to meet more of the group members, who gave
him a full concept of The Scene, racing, releasing, and leeching. Took John Doe a few
days but got the hang of stuff pretty quick.
1 Week later after joining this MP3 group, John Doe now has access leech on 4 .us
drftpd (colo) sites. John Doe is in heaven !! (no more queue). John Doe gets to meet
alot of currys (racers), different members of all kinda of release groups, and siteops
of various sites.
John Doe then learns the concept of racing. After 2 days of racing releases from one
site to the next and doing quite well, John Doe gets private messaged from currys
claiming to be siteops of another .us drftpd site. John Doe accepts their invitation to
trade their site and joins.
3 weeks prior John Doe was downloading from XDCCs, Now ... John Doe is racing 6 .us
drftpd sites! John Doe thinks this is kickass and tells his buddies about this wonderful
The Scene. ...... Who all now want to join.
Some dont have ANY early movie, mp3, tvshow, console, app, etc. access, but they all have cash.
John Doe then talks to a siteop about getting his friends onto their site. Upon talking
to the siteops, the siteops agree , John Doe2 (friend) pays 70/month for a *rented box* ,
they can link it to their .us drftpd site and get leech in return.
In the End ... 6 1/2 weeks later.
John Doe Member of an MP3 Group , leech on .us drftpd sites and trading others, thinks
this is heaven, so tells all his friends about The Scene and how to get into
it ....
John Doe2 Rents a box for a cheap 70/month and gets leech on site 1 but starts trading
other .us drftpd sites, meanwhile telling all his buddys/friends about this
wonderful Scene.
Yes , shocking isnt it ... how easy it is to get onto sites
Another scenario, i know a guy who lives in NY , was given a quick insight on what
The Scene was and what Silvers were, 1 week later this guy was on sites under one
of the 12 Silver Release groups. For 10 (per movie), each week he buys silvers and now... hes a supplier.
he now has
leech on alot of sites, USA, EU, KR .. all because he pays a few dollars a week.
Ok , now that i have showen How easy it is to get into *The Scene ... what are
we left with ?
Main problem is people who dont know how to stfu ... take these incidents for example:
1) Guy posts on vcdqualitys PUBLIC forum ...
Originally posted by garvey100
Yeah, this has been nuked on my site for Dupe Affil. Can anyone explain that one to
me as I have never heard it before.
(Hes saying his site in which affils FRA , nuked maVen for dupe affil , and he didnt
know what it ment so he asked on a public forum)
2) Currys and affils (believe it or not) talking in site channels about what Release
groups affil what sites.
3) Currys and affils, pasting race stats of differnt sites in different channels
etc ... etc ... etc ... the list of stupidity goes on on, but the fact of the matter
is these newbie currys and affils dont know any better and they do this while the idiot siteops
just stand by and watch.
I remember a time when you didnt dare mention any other site , affil , racer in ANY site
channels or be purged without question ... you knew there were sites out there that affild
Replica, VideoCD, RELOADED, etc. but you never knew anything except that they existed.
Ok, we have now got to the point in this nfo of How easy it is to get into the scene
and what happens when you get a flood of newbies into the scene.
Sadly yes , everything points to the .us colo (drftpd) scene as being *The Gateway* to
the scene. Ask anyone everyone ... you want on a site?... .us drftpd sites can hook
you up in less then a day. Why ?? ... cause the siteops are greedy.
I dont blame the users (newbies) , i blame the siteops who should be responsible and mature,
but truth of the matter is most .us drftpd siteops (besides a select few) havent even been
in The Scene for a year ...
Their greed to be the biggest, fastest, best site out there is opening this HUGE loophole
in the scene. I see nfos daily about the newbies and risky groups, but think about it ..
in the end its the idiot siteops who let these people onto their site who are actually to
Now lets get to the security part ...
As i showen , .us drftpd is The Gateway to The Scene , now how secure are these sites?
The Average .us drftpd site channel has an average of 150 users in their channel, and
250 users on database.
Some .us drftpd sites have up to 180 users in their site channel and 500 users on database
... shocking but true.
Now these wonderful bigass sites lets look at the security of them:
1) There are no entery or traffic bncs, everytime you login, download, upload, race,
or release on these sites, your real ip, what you uploaded and/or download is being logged or monitored.
Example , lets take this wonderful, as siteops say secure .us drftpd site for example:
(that says its not logging) :p
DEBUG 01 Dec 2004 09:09:29 [FtpConn from 24.*.*.* ****/POT]
net.sf.drftpd.master.BaseFtpConnection.service - CDUP [user****/POT,cwd/TV,host/24.*.*.*]
DEBUG 01 Dec 2004 09:09:29 [FtpConn from 24.*.*.* ****/POT]
net.sf.drftpd.master.BaseFtpConnection.service - PWD [user****/POT,cwd/,host/24.*.*.*]
DEBUG 01 Dec 2004 09:09:31 [FtpConn from 24.*.*.* ****/POT]
net.sf.drftpd.master.BaseFtpConnection.service - CWD SERIES [user****/POT,cwd/,host/24.*.*.*]
DEBUG 01 Dec 2004 09:09:32 [FtpConn from 24.*.*.* ****/POT]
net.sf.drftpd.master.BaseFtpConnection.service - PWD [user****/POT,cwd/SERIES,host/24.*.*.*]
DEBUG 01 Dec 2004 09:09:32 [FtpConn from 24.*.*.* ****/POT]
net.sf.drftpd.master.BaseFtpConnection.service - PASV [user****/POT,cwd/SERIES,host/24.*.*.*]
DEBUG 01 Dec 2004 09:09:33 [FtpConn from 24.*.*.* ****/POT]
net.sf.drftpd.master.BaseFtpConnection.service - PORT 82,80,63,219,4,132
DEBUG 01 Dec 2004 09:09:34 [FtpConn from 24.*.*.* ****/POT]
net.sf.drftpd.master.BaseFtpConnection.service - LIST [user****/POT,cwd/SERIES,host/24.*.*.*]
(im smart enough to block real ip username)
All this person was doing in those 7 lines were going through TV to check what to download,
but as their uploading a pre (release), downloading, etc it will yes show their real ip
what rar their uploading and to what release ...
2) Now when a group pres releases , lets go into the CD Folder (example)
[L] 250- ****/ShinBet [55/813.1MB]
-rw-rw-rw- 1 **** ShinBet 15000000 Nov 3 08:53 shinbet-spidy2.repack.cd1.r27
Wow, Ownership of rars on pre !!!!
I could now link the username with an IRC nickanme of who uploaded this pre (release)
3) Simple .us drftpd commands:
site users
site monthup 4000
site monthup GRP (example - site monthup ShinBet)
[L] site monthup ShinBet
[L] 200- __ _______ _ __________ ____ ______
[L] 200- / / / __ / / /_ __/ / / / / / / __
[L] 200- / /_/ / / / / / / / / / /_/ / / / / /_/ /
[L] 200- / / / / /_/ / / / / / / __ / /_/ / ____/
[L] 200- /_/ /_/____/_/ _/ /_/ /_/ /_/____/_/
[L] 200-
[L] 200- ## User Tagline Files Amount Speed
[L] 200- [ 1] **** 0 0B - k/s
[L] 200- [ 2] ****** 0 0B - k/s
[L] 200- [ 3] *** 0 0B - k/s
[L] 200- [ 4] ******* 0 0B - k/s
[L] 200- [ 5] **** 0 0B - k/s
[L] 200
[L] site users
etc ..
etc ....
etc .......
[L] 200 Ok, 286 users listed.
4) When you actually SSH the boxs hosting these sites, they arent even hidden.
Example: /d:/drftpd/site
4 Simple... but MAJOR flaws with drftpd.
How many .us drftpd sites are out there , my estimate is 30 + , 250 per site , thats a
hell of alot of users.
In the end ...
We got some major issues with The Scene, everyone talks about it , but noone is doing
anything about it. I put all blame on the siteops and their greed on this major flaw.
If they were actually responsible they would worry more about the saftey rather then the
size and speed of their site. For those who say It wont happen to me, .... it will,
its just a matter of time.
As i showen , you got a super easy way to get into The Scene nowadays. Once in The
Scene easy to get all your friends , your friends friends, and their brothers , sisters
cousins friends in also.
Once everyone is on sites and into the scene, all these newbies then gossip and talk
about other sitenames, site channels, what affils are where, and get info on any and
every site out there. While siteops stand by and watch this happen in their site chans.
Once all these newbies and their friends are on these sites and spread to more sites,
with these drftpd flaws, they *easily* then gain info on release groups, IRC nicks , etc.
Sony Entertainment NBC Enterpises have taken it upon themselfs to mock The Scene. In
Reality its wide open.
For John Doe to get into The Scene with all his friend , on mass sites within 7 weeks
of being an XDCC leecher. While on sites gaining info from tons of different Release grps.
This *SHOULD* be a wakeup call ... but sadly, everyone is going to read this, and
nothing will change, .us drftpd scene will still be The Gateway to The Scene. US
drftpd site channels will still be 140 users + , databases will still be 250 users + .
New , immature , greedy siteops wont change their site , and keep adding to their database,
Thinking bigger is better ...
All their doing is putting every release group and curry on their site in jeopardy.
Its not a matter of if ... but *when* the next Big Bust happens, before i see a change
in how The Scene runs things , as newbies are still continuing to get into the
scene at an alarming rate, big enterprise companys are making fun of the scene, and
siteops wont change shit.
So this nfo is basically just to point out what the scene is like today
1 year ago as i said Link was 6000 users and we all knew major sites were out there, but
never heard about them, we never talked about them... and we sure as hell didnt mention specifics like
whos affild where .... now that time has come gone.
I couldnt care less about the .us drftpd sites in which will go down. As their stupidity
is needed to give everyone the much needed Wakeup Call.
I wont be on any of those sites when they go down ... will you?
I dont blame Europe sites for making affils and Curry Teams pick EU vs USA, as this is
alarming and they dont want to get busted due to some other sites greed stupidity.
I Only pointed out the obvious here , which everyone knows already but tends to ignore ..
(for those who say gay, lame, or.. it wont happen to me, your time will come.)
Signed -
Concerned Person.
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