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Real NFOShow the real NFO
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/ __ )__\ \\ \\ \ / _ / / _/____ NSW Scene Rules
/ /_ \ \ \ \\ -\____\---\___ \ [31 January 2019]
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NSW Release Standards v1.0 2019
1) Packing:
1.1) Releases must be packed in RAR. SFV and NFO must be included.
1.2) RAR, SFV, NFO and JPG files must have unique filenames.
1.3) Rars must be in multiples of 50.000.000 bytes but no larger than
500.000.000 bytes.
1.4) Rars must be RAR4 or RAR5 using M1 compression (fastest) or higher
2) NFO:
2.1) The release must include a .NFO. The file must be a plain-text
document and at least include the name of the title.
2.2) NFO must include NCA title IDs.
2.3) In the case of a trainer or other game patch, all compatible
title IDs must be included in the NFO.
2.4) The source region must be included in the NFO.
2.5) All game languages are encouraged to be included in NFO.
2.6) A short description of the release is encouraged to be in the NFO.
3) Image format:
3.1) For cartridge releases, only .XCI format dumps are acceptable.
3.2) For eShop releases, only .NSP format dumps are acceptable.
3.3) XCI files must have the CERT sector replaced with all FF bytes.
3.4) A full dump of a new cartridge revision is not allowed!
If the secure partition has differences to a previous revision
(game updates/DLC/etc included), and if the changes have not
been previously released in some other form as Update etc.
You can extract only the Update .NSP and pre it standalone.
The full cartridge revision equals base-game + update and is
only acceptable as INTERNAL release for collectors.
3.5) For an eShop release, all NCA files downloaded from eShop must be
included in the release. They must have the NAX-layer decrypted.
3.6) For an eShop release, the NSP must include a forged ticket.
The titlekey in this ticket must be encrypted with the relevant
common ES key (titlekek). All console identifying information
(including signature) must be removed.
This ticket must be able to be imported using ES with signature
checks patched out!
4) Proof:
4.1) All physical releases are required to include a proof picture
with the cartridge visable and a group tag.
4.2) Releases that fail to pre with such proof are to be considered a
nuke and can be propered.
PROOFFiXES later than 4 hours from pre (if proper has not been
pred during that time period) will not be accepted.
4.3) Proof picture can be scanned and must be in JPEG format.
4.4) Proof picture must not be blurry. Cartridge Code must be clearly
4.5) If the medium or cover/booklet contain anything that may expose
your identity, then that part of the image can be blurred or
blackened. Additional scans may be added but these DO NOT count
as sufficient proof!
4.6) eShop releases will be exempt from proof requirements as they are
downloadable. It is encouraged to release any games as fast as
possible from their publish time, to ensure the titlekeys were
NOT already shared and making your sources look suspect.
Stealing Title keys from the public is obviously not tolerated!
NOTE: We STRONGLY recommend the removal of all Exif data! Uniquely
identifying information such as the camera serial number and GPS
coordinates can pose a security threat if not removed.
Use tools such as jhead, PureJPG, EXIF Cleaner...
5) Update/Patch/Trainer/DLC/eShop releases.
5.1) NSP game patches are allowed to be released, for the benefit of
reducing / accomodating those with console bans / superbans.
Small Day One patches are allowed to be packed together with main
eShop release, any other updates to be released individually.
Groups can decide to release day one updates seperately if
they consider the size relative to game unreasonable.
Updates for Cartridge releases must be released seperately.
Only latest Update versions allowed, these contain previous data,
other cases use INTERNAL or READNFO to explain the purpose/case.
5.2) eShop releases do not need the titlekey in the NFO.
Anyone can extract the titlekey from the release themself.
5.3) If update is for an INTERNAL release,
update must be tagged as INTERNAL too.
5.4) Any custom modifications to an NCA (for example: crack, trainer
etc) must be in a custom patch format compatible with popular
open-source custom firmware solutions, or an NSP/homebrew NRO that
generates such custom patches.
5.5) A trainer for a paid game must be compatible with at least one of
the releases of a game. Compatible titleid/release name must be
included in the NFO.
5.6) An in-app purchase crack can dupe a trainer or vice versa if they
provide wholly the same features.
For example: if a group releases an in-app purchase crack that
allows to get unlimited coins, a later trainer that only has
options for increasing coins by a certain amount, and options
related to obtaining the benefits of coins, would be a dupe.
5.7) It is allowed to release paid DLC, trainers or in-app purchase
cracks for free eShop games too, no need for INTERNAL tags.
5.8) The latest compatible game version may be included in the release,
if a previous release did not include it.
Therefore: it is allowed to release free eShop games, as long as
you either provide some paid DLC with it, or put in the work and
make a trainer or an in-app purchase crack! Else use INTERNAL.
In this case, incl. must be added to the dirname where
appropriate. If the latest compatible game version is a patch
NCA, then the directory name of the release including the base
game NCA must be included in the NFO.
5.9) An NSP game update that has already been released as part of an
updated XCI cart revision must be tagged INTERNAL or its a dupe.
6.0) DLC or DLC Unlocker must be specified if the .NSP contains data
or is considered an Unlocker by definition.
DLC Unlockers for multiple Title ID/Region versions may be packed
in the same release and mentioned in NFO.
If DLC is Title ID/Region specific, it must be mentioned in NFO
and on the second release requires specific REGION_DLC tagging
and may be released individually.
6) Region, Languages, Tags:
6.1) The dirname must contain the English game name when English is
available in game, CNMT version number when non-zero and any tags.
6.2) If a game does not include the English language, this must be
specified in the dir name unless the region tag implies that
regions native language is the only language in the game
eg. game tagged JPN is Japanese only, hence does not need to
state the language.
6.3) The version number must be the parsed format, cut down to the
last non-zero non-dot character. Therefore: if CNMT version is
v65536 (, version number in dirname should be v1.0.1
Dirname should use the version number on the game icon details
and nfo should contain both: Example v1.0.1 (v65536)
6.4) For non English releases (JAPANESE/KOREAN/etc.) the directory
name MUST have a region tag (JPN/KOR/MULTI...)
6.5) If a game is re-released for having additional foreign languages,
the release must be tagged as MULTI and the NFO must specify
which additional languages are included.
If no different set of languages is available, but the game still
has a different Title ID, you must use INTERNAL tag.
The first working release with English doesnt require any tags.
6.6) If the release is (or includes) an in-app purchase crack then the
dirname must include the IAPCrack tag (also see rule 5.9).
6.7) If the release is (or includes) a trainer then the dirname must
include the PlusX.Trainer tag where X is the number of options
that the trainer provides (also see rule 5.9).
7) Other NFO information:
7.1) If the version number in-game is different to the CNMT version
number, then the in-game version number can be included in NFO.
7.2) If the release is an XCI/NCA cart revision, the revision number
of the cartridge can be included in the NFO.
7.3) If the game is online-only, the NFO must include this information.
7.4) If the release is a crack or trainer compatible with more than one
version/update of a game, the highest compatible version number
must be included in the dirname, and other compatible versions
listed in the NFO.
7.5) If the release uses REPACK, PROPER or INTERNAL tags, then the
reason for using these tags must be explained in the NFO.
8.1) You cannot release the same game if another group has already
released it. Physical cartridge XCI format after eShop NSP is
acceptable but not vice versa.
8.2) If a releases is flawed for any reason, for example if the game
crashes on level 2. Then you can release a PROPER that fixes the
issue. If you are fixing your own release, then use the REPACK tag
instead of the PROPER tag. PROPER/REPACK reason must be stated in
the NFO.
8.3) If the release has a packing issue, such as it will not extract,
a rar does not match the crc in the SFV or it pred with missing
files (RAR/NFO/SFV) then it will be nuked and can be REPACKed ,
8.4) If a dirname is mislabeld, The release will be nuked. No other
group can PROPER in this instance, it is expected that the release
will be fixed with a DiRFiX from the original group.
8.5) You are not allowed to release DUPES with INTERNAL tag when
losing the race. INTERNAL can not be abused to pre a lost race.
9) FiXES:
9.1) The only allowed fixes are NFOFiX, DiRFiX, PROOFFiX and RARFiX.
9.2) A FiX must contain an NFO and the NFO must state the dirname of
release that is being fixed. RARFiX must contain rar/sfv too.
9.3) A PROOFFiX must follow the PROOF requirments laid out in 4.2, 4.3
and 4.4.
9.4) If a release can not be fixed with DiRFiX, PROOFFiX, RARFiX or an
NFOFiX then you must REPACK the release, no other FiXES are
9.5) DiRFiX to iNTERNAL is permitted for technical reasons, but never
to shield from a nuke for dupe when having lost the race.
10) Only these characters are allowed in dirname and filenames:
11) Suggested directory formats _ and . are both accepted
Compliance with this document is mandatory as of 2019-02-01 00:00:01 UTC
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