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Real NFOShow the real NFO
Just a reminder that these lamers are still active.
see the folder images, its pretty much self explanatory.
Stolen from rez/razor1911 Winner Intro:
Stolen from razor 1911 Pirates Of The 777 Seas:
Stolen from neoman Chemical reaction:
Stolen from neoman/Chemical Reaction knife intro
Stolen from H2o:
Stolen from Devilstar/The Silents:
Stolen from EDGE:
Stolen from NOY
Stolen from CiN1
Stolen from BEAN
Stolen from CORE
And so on... i can continue like that a lot more but i guess you see the problem.
SHWZ: try to convince people that this is non-stolen now ;)
Download nfoBashing.the.Team.S.H.W.Z.loosers_OTHER-iND.nfo
Download NoticeBashing.the.Team.S.H.W.Z.loosers_OTHER-iND.rar

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