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Retirement from (C) Team DIMENSION
Due to some recent development in scene, I as a senior member of DIMENSION
feel the urgent need for this notice of resignation from the team.
I as a senior member will no longer sit idle and see the good name of
Team DIMENSION being tainted the way it currently is and be part of it.
And now with a lot of mixed feelings I announce my official retirement
from Team DIMENSION. Due to recent actions by our current leadership, I
feel the reputation of DIMENSION is being tainted by bundling our group
with other groups to gain sites, while senior members dont get access
and are not even informed about those sites.
To leadership, I know you are doing a lot of hard work for team that not
everyone needs to know about right away, but when your activities reflect
on all of our members you should atleast inform us on whats going on.
And when questioned about issues, you as leader should not ignore your
members as this is a lack of interest for your team and its members.
I wanted to keep all of these matters internal but you left me no other
option since you choice was to ignore me in group channel.
When our group gets purged on a site, its not justifiable to retaliate on
other sites and try to get other groups purged there even if that group
had no part in the purge of our group in the first place. Accept the loss
and move on, be the bigger man and not a child about it.
We have had a lot of good times with other teams over the years, and huge
thanks and greetings fly out to you guys, you are not forgotten even if
some people have forgotten what friendship, loyalty and good manners are.
Also the alienation of friends and other teams with unwanted drama is
something that most of us were unaware of to its extent and in some degree
did not want to really know about. For this I apologize for not listening
to the warning signs in the first place.
Keep in mind the actions of a few are reflecting on all in the team.
It might not be so good in the future to be associated with team DIMENSION.
I sincerely hope the team will be back stronger and united, and with
leadership that will keep the entire group in mind.
A team shall stand on its own merits in history and not on shoulders of
other teams. We used to do our own stuff and also help others and we got
help back, but this two-way street has disolved over the last year pretty
much and very successfully I might say it has been destroyed and reduced
to nothing.
To the founder, do enjoy your retirement! I have had a lot of fun since
Sun, 28 Aug 2011 when we first got to know each other. And best wishes
on your ventures outside the scene.
To the friends who are still around, I have nothing else to say but
SORRY for the actions of some members, the actions and comments of these
members do not reflect the opinion for all of us.
And My apologies to everyone who was hurt in any way during this period
of time.
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