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- C O M P L E X -
P R E S E N T S :
Call of Duty : Ghosts
Region : Region Free Languages: English
Size : 1 Bluray Genre : Action
Platform : XBOX ONE Date : 11/2013
Release Info:
COMPLEX is proud to present the very first game data sector dump of an
XBOX ONE game - even before the official console launch date ;)
This release contains a 42gb .iso without security sectors. These can
be patched in later on before burning the iso to disc.
The disc itself has a new format (XGD4 / XBOX Game Data 4) and contains
a few folders (licenses, msxc and metadata) with some .png and catalog
files plus one large package1.xvc file of 41,285,020 kb length.
Thanks for the awesome work and letting us bring this out to
everyone ... you know who you are !!! Keep em coming .. ;)
Please keep in mind that reversing and development only just started ..
Enjoy This Fine COMPLEX Release
Download nfoCall.of.Duty.Ghosts.XBOXONE-COMPLEX.nfo

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