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Mathcad Prime v2.0.20000TH.RELEASE
Release Date : 2012-03-18
Nfo Date : 2012-03-18
Num. Disks : xx/71 OS : Windows
Nfo Time : 13:37 Rel Type : License
Cracker : Team Lz0 Archive : lz0*.zip
Packer : Team Lz0 Rating : Your choice
Supplier : Team Lz0 Language : English
Protection : N/A
Requirements : N/A
: Always use a firewall.
Publisher URL :
Publisher : PTC
(x) Keyfile / License (-) Emulator
(-) Patch (-) Serial
(-) Cracked .EXE / .DLL (-) Retail
(-) Keygen (-) Trainer
(-) Loader (-) Other
1999 - 2012
+ I N F O +
Mathcad enables engineers to easily perform, document and
share calculation and design results. Mathcad?s interface
accepts and displays units aware math notation using
keystrokes or menu palette clicks with no programming
required. What sets Mathcad apart is that it?s easy-to-use. In
fact, it?s the first solution to enable users to
simultaneously solve and document engineering calculations in
a single reusable worksheet, which can be saved or easily
converted to several formats. Mathcad?s intuitive interface
combines live, standard math notation, text and graphs, in a
presentable format which enables knowledge capture, reuse and
design verification for improved product quality.
- - - - - - - - - - N O T I C E - - - - - - - - - -
A milestone, Twenty Thousand releases - who would have
thought? Back when we started this journey no one would have
believed that we later on would have reached this magic
number. As you may already know, the group was formed in 1999
? but the real history goes back even further. The group was
originally a virus crew and was widely known as the author of
the first macro virus that evolved. Not a history we?re proud
of, but even so ? part of what we eventually grew to become.
What have all these years brought us? Well let?s look at the
numbers. During the 13 years we?ve kept on going we?ve not
only reached this magical number ? 20.000 ? but we?ve also set
a few records down the road. We hold the record for most
releases in a single day (451), in a month (689), in a year
(4171) and have an average of 127 releases every month. Pretty
impressive for a group that no one really thought would have
lived on this long.
Sure there have been disputes down the road; and we haven?t
always seen eye to an eye with other groups through the years.
But that has also been part of making us the group that we are
today. The group has come a long way; from a gathering of
individuals ? to becoming a group, and the last years becoming
more than a group, a family ? people who care.
During these years we?ve seen groups come and go; some have
stayed longer than others ? and old ones have sadly passed
over to history. We miss all our old friends, and it?s sad to
see how the cracking community has gone from ? just that ? a
community, to a legion of individual people. Ego has become
the new way, and groups are more focused on ravaging each
other, rather than cooperating towards solving new puzzles. We
still share, and we still care ? do you?
But all of this couldn?t have been achieved if it had not been
for our members ? our family. The work that they put down
continuously to strive for excellence is remarkable. Every day
they long to learn new topics, to become better at what they
do and of course ? beat the competition. This milestone is
achieved because all of these great members devoted their
time, their effort and their knowledge to make us better. This
is a goal achieved by true team effort.
This release will also mark the beginning of a new era. By the
first of April 2012 we will change our packaging ways to
RAR/SFV and put the old ZIP/RAR/DIZ packaging to rest. It is
long overdue, and this ancient way of packing has no meaning
in 2012. We strongly encourage all other groups to do the same
? and site operators, all you need to do is to add the 0DAY
path to the SFV path of your setup, and your site will during
the transition period do fine with both packaging standards.
It?s time to move forward.
To all the current and former members of the group; this is
for you. Within the package, you?ll also find the ?Lz0?
directory, whereas you will find a ?20.000? directory. There
you will find some gems we?ve included with this milestone
release. We hope that you will enjoy them.
No app-store got harmed making this release possible.
+ I N S T A L L +
1) Unpack and install.
2) Place keyfile in program/game directory.
3) Enjoy this release!
NOTE: For obvious reasons you should always make sure that
the title is restricted access to internet by a firewall
to avoid any problems. Further, when running our
keygens/patches you might need to run it with admin
rights while in Vista/Win7 to ensure that it has
enough privileges.
+ J O I N +
So you are interested in joining one of the most successful
groups of all time? Then you might want to continue reading.
Not only can we offer whatever your heart might desire, but
becoming part of the group will also be one of the more
significant decisions you perhaps will take.
Ever since our beginning in 1999 weve strived to make a group
that not only is a group of knowledge, but a gathering of
people that wants friendship, devotion, respect and fun. Hard
work is what has brought us where we are today, and hard work
is also what we would expect from you.
Given the amount of hours we all put into this every day, we
like to see our self as a secondary family. We strive to take
care of each other and thus mutual respect is the essence of
our group. We never pushed for being elite, as we do not believe
that any of us deserve the mark of the elitists. Every member
of our group is taught to honor the next guy or gal with the
same respect as he or her demands for themselves. The same
thought applies to how we look at other groups.
Are you ready to become part of a family? Do you think you have
what it takes? Then now is the time to get up and contact us.
Perhaps you will find a new road to follow with us. Open
positions are as follows, but if you do feel you have something
to contribute with but feel that it doesnt match any of the
open positions, then do contact us and let us be the judge
of that.
Do you have a thrill to find solutions to various protection
schemes? May it be unpacking, patching, finding algorithms
or emulating? Were always open for individuals that want to
expand their knowledge in reversing. You are required to have
some former knowledge in reversing as we do not tutor people
from scratch. Former experience from other scene groups is
good, but not a necessity. Unsure if you qualify? Contact us,
and well decide based on your qualities. Be prepared that
we will demand examples of previous work.
Youre enthusiastic about coding, you love to optimize and
integrate various projects; we always have projects ranging
from smaller ones to large ones that are in need of attendance.
If you are joining our family as a coder you will be appointed
a variety of projects that will push you to do your best and
will probably also serve as a great way of becoming an even
greater coder. Projects are ranging from database integrations,
IRC bots, and cracktros to tools and security oriented
development. Examples of previous work will be required and
experience beyond 2 years is also a requirement.
Do you have access to good titles? Perhaps you work as an
engineer, network administrator, or by any other means can
acquire the latest versions of what you have access to? Then
feel free to contact us and let us know what you have. We do
not focus on anything in particular and as such you will find
that we do titles ranging from CAD/CAM to more common graphics,
music and programming titles as well as ordinary shareware
titles. Contact us today and we will see if your titles are
something wed like to put some effort into.
Youve been running a dedicated and well supported site for
more than 6 months, the site has grown some reputation and your
staff as well as the chosen link location is security oriented.
We do not accept sites that are running of rented boxes;
neither do we accept sites located in United States of America,
Germany or Austria. The speed of the site does not matter, what
do matter is that its stable, its secure and above all the
entire site as well as crew is operating encrypted. You feel
that this might be you? Then let us know today, and we will
be getting back to you shortly.
You have been running hosting services for years; either being
BNC solutions or IRC daemons or perhaps just have some boxes
that you might think we can use. Youre an administrator of a
network and have complete control over the box, the network
area and access levels. If so, then you are someone we are
interested to talk to. Keep in mind that we do not offer any
boxes residing in the same countries as mentioned under SITES.
Remember, we all started out somewhere so do not keep yourself
from contacting us thinking you arent good enough to help out,
let us decide that.
+ L E G A L +
Our releases are made to make sure that the end-user is able
to fully test a title before going into a purchase as well as
give the end-user an opportunity to make backup copies of
titles he or she already owns. Please do respect our stance
on this and make sure that you buy the required licenses upon
deciding to buy the product. Respect the software authors
that have put time, money and effort into creating the title
you now have in your hand.
1. You should only use this title for the period of time
as you decide if this is the right product for you
personally or for your business. Upon deciding
that this is the product you are looking for then
we encourage you to buy the necessary licenses.
2. If you already own this title then this release can be
used as a substitute to the original disks for backup
and archiving purposes. This is convenient if you
own a large set of various titles that all require
dongles to run and you keep on mixing up the dongles.
Our releases have removed those checks and thus will
be more convenient to use. Again, this should only
be the case if you own the required licenses.
3. We do not wish for our releases to be widely spread
across web boards, P2P networks and the like. While we
do know that occurs we strongly urge people to not
share these titles at such places.
4. The group is not involved with the spreading of the
release, partial files or any of the cracks. The
distribution of our releases are all done by third
parties and as such according to the laws of the
countries where our members reside, it is not our
responsibility what others decides to do with
these releases.
5. You are NOT allowed to distribute our titles with the
intent of earning money. This title is not yours to
sell. We, as a group, do not participate in such
actions and we plead to those that are thinking about
selling pirated titles, reconsider not only are you
hurting us seeing our releases being abused, but above
all you are actually stealing profit from the
software authors.
6. We do not take any responsibility of computer or data
loss that may occur from using our releases. Keep in
mind that you are using a third party solution that
does not come from the original software authors.
However we strive to make perfect releases so the
chances of something like that happening are slim.
7. The usage of our cracks is legal in most countries
outside of the United States, if and only if you own a
complete copy of the program or game. But you are
required to read the end user license agreements (EULAs)
that comes with the various titles to be sure that you
are not violating any agreements.
According to the DMCA ACT in the United States you have no
rights to circumvent any copy protection. Keep this in mind
as the penalties for doing so there are harder than if you
stole the actual title from the self. Our base of operation
however is not located in the states, and thus we are not
bound by any of the legislations like no electronic theft act
digital millennium copyright act or the patriot act. But
you as a end-user might be, so be certain to read the EULAs
that you agree to upon installing something to make sure
you are not breaking any domestic laws.
Finally, we do encourage you to explore the open source
community. In most cases you will find open and free software
that does exactly what you need, and it wont cost you
anything. At the same time you can enjoy the feeling of
doing something good, and support the open source community.
By using this release you agree to the statement written above,
and accept that the responsibility to whet ever the usage of
this title is legal or not is with you and you only. Make sure
that you understand the potential risks of using this release.
+ G R E E T S +
+ C O N T A C T +
If you want to contact the group either for a open membership
position, for a site offer or just want to let us know that
some release might be flawed, then we welcome your response.
However we do not send out releases, files from releases,
cracks or information to where you might find this. For quick
response you might want to search for us online, if you can
manage to wait then send us an email on the address below.
UPDATED : 4th of November 2011
ascii proudly done
by cpN of cRo
in 2oo6
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