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Real NFOShow the real NFO
- OVH.P2L.Site.Called.FR.Leaks.To.Swedish.Torrentsite-FukcY0U -
God evening my buttfuckers.
I just wanted to inform you about a OVH-hosted p2l site called FR2/3/4.
This guy called Craig sells leechaccounts, the more you pay the better
sites you get. Minimum is 25.
Unfortenately hes not connected to irc, so I cant get a whois of him.
However, I will give you the IP addresses to FTP, IRC (and fish) and his paypal/msn.
FISH (same in all channels): KIUYERkuyhs
When you connect to IRC you automatically joins 7 channels. (see proof.jpg)
Site slaves:
FR4: (
Craigs MSN:
If this wasnt enough, a swedish torrentsite called are using
this site as a source for their autouploader.
IP to that bot is: hosted- (FTP on port 9500)
Piratetorrents got its IRC channels on (6697 for ssl) and the owner
of the network is oldmagic. #PT-AUP and #PT-AUP.SPAM is the autouploaders announce
Another p2p-tard who was involved in Piratetorrents autobot is pulchi, he was
just caught by the Swedish police in a bust, due to his involvement in another
tracker called
I dont give a fuck what you do with this information, check it out yourself :)
And to the p2p-fuckers who wanna join the scene and flex with your secccchhhhsssy
ftp accounts, here is your chance! Ad him and say pulchi told you about him.
Gratz, and have a happy christmas. Its only a few months left!
- 2011-05-07 23:59 -
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