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Real NFOShow the real NFO
First off, allow me to say that it gave me a huge laugh to see the groups that put this
debacle together. The only one that has pred anything even remotely recently is a
reality TV group. Dont get me wrong, Im an admirer of NOsegmenT. But seriously. No.
First off Im in agreement that x264 is the better codec if we were talking about HD,
however since your primary concern seems to be using it for non-HD reso content then im
somewhat skeptical. Considering that the majority of the pitiful amount of groups that
have signed this are sourced from PAL, Im somewhat doubtful that xvids apparent
inability to handle high motion sports is an issue.
Also, AAC. Are you serious? If youre truely going for quality, and since youve the added
bonus of the MKV container, surely retaining the original audio source would be the better
choice instead of converting it to the abortion that is AAC. If youre insistant on changing
the audio codec standard then why would you choose one that is inferior? Even Vorbis is better.
Unless youre planning to push a SPORTS-X264 section, these rules conflict with
the TV-X264 rules already in effect. Nice try. No dice.
Rars should be in multiples of 50 MiB
Yes, if you were planning to use HD resolutions. The average size of most of these releases will
be 700mb. 15/20MiB splits should be allowed, but discouraged.
WS releases shouldnt dupe FS releases, even if theyre of inferior quality.
Credits must not be removed but can be encoded at a lower bitrate, minimum of 300kbps.
Encoding them seperately would require segmenting or some other dirty trick, therefore
this rule is redundant.
Groups can use any size under long as it has a MINIMUM bitrate 950.
This is one of the few rules I agree with.
A valiant effort, however this will probably be the reason most groups stick to XviD.
And anyway, Ive seen more NOsegmenT rips look worse than segmented rips.
[ Audio ]
Audio must be AAC
No. No no no.
AC3 must be original untouched/untranscoded AC3.
Moar liek this.
[ Video ]
If needed, appropriate de-interlacing and ivtc must be applied.
Elaborate. I can use FieldDeinterlace? Its so awesome.
50/60fps video must be dropped to 25/30fps use SelectEven() or similar.
SelectEven() is horrible.
Must be Level 4.1 High Profile
And here comes the copypaste from the 720p rules. Unnecessary. Youre reducing
the rips to horrible resolutions.
The final pass must be done as one continuous encode spanning the entire episode
This is the loophole that allows for x264 segmenting. Why on earth did you keep it?
[Total Size]
CD sizes are of the past. Why are you trying to cater towards them?
Target DVD sizes instead (multiples of 186, 559 or 746). Or bluray if youre
expecting this standard to last a long time.
Releases are NOT to be split, single .mkv files only.
Good if youve got a lot of multi-layer discs, but what do I do with 13437mb tennis rips?
[Signed By]
A dumbfounded person.
This mockery applies from 2009-06-22 00:00:01 GMT
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