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Real NFOShow the real NFO
THE GUIDELINES TO SUCCESS, by your fellow postman.
1) Obtaining the EOS Rippers Pack: Locate the archive on any EOS FTP.
You should retrieve an archive that contains ExactAudioCopy (EAC), Lame
EOS binaries, RazorLame frontend for LAME and Morgoths MP3 Releaser.
2) Quick setup for proper ripping with EAC:
2.1) Open EAC (eac.exe);
2.2) Navigate through the menus to: EAC - EAC Options - Extraction tab;
2.3) Set Extraction and Compression Priority to High; Set Error Recovery
Quality to High;
2.4) Press OK to confirm changes;
2.5) Navigate through the menus to: EAC - Drive Options - Extraction
Method tab;
2.6) Set Secure Mode with Drive is capable of retreiving C2 error info;
NO Drive Caches Audio Data... DO NOT put this in for various reasons;
2.7) Go to the Drive tab;
2.8) Make sure that Drive Read Command is set to Autodetect Read Command;
2.9) Press Ok to confirm changes;
2.10) Navigate through the menus to: EAC - Compression Options - External
Compression tab;
2.11) Check use external program for compression; Choose LAME MP3 ENCODER
for Parameter passing scheme; Under Program, including path, used for
compression show the path to lame.exe; Under Additional command line
options, put -V 2; Bit rate doesnt matter, the command line overwrites it;
Delete WAV after compression; DO NOT Use CRC Check. It adds size to the
file, and no players read it anyway; Add ID3 Tag; High Quality should be
checked, but again doesnt matter because the command line overwrites it.
2.12) Navigate to the ID3 Tag tab;
2.13) Check Use ID3V1.1 tags instead of V1.0 tags. Leave everything else
2.14) For Construction of filenames from ID3 tags, enter N-A-T.
3) How to tag releases properly using Morgoths mp3releaser -
BASIC RELEASE TAGIGNG (single artist):
3.1) Open mp3releaser.exe;
3.2) Under the Naming and Tagging (virtual) tab, navigate to the folder
that contains the untagged files and DOUBLE-click it;
3.3) Fill the Artist, Album, Year (necessary), and Special, Additions,
Lang (Optional) fields. Fill the Standard comment and Style fields;
3.4) Under the Tracknames list, fill each songs name. Every line
correspondents to a file, e.g.:
line 1 - 01-unknown track.mp3;
line 2 - 02-unknown track.mp3, etc. For VA albums, enter the Artist, press
TAB key and then enter the Song name;
3.5) Press Tag all files button;
3.6) MP3Releaser likes to turn periods into underscores -- make sure they
are omitted from both filename and releasename. Also, double check that there
isnt an extra space in either the Artist or Album field (example: Metallica ).
Releases with _-_ ANYWHERE will get sent back to be tagged properly;
3.7) Press Next to advance to the NFO Filling screen;
3.7) Fill out your NFOs properly! The more information, the better. Most rippers
use information from, and if there is nothing there, nab
3.8) Press Fill NFO button;
3.9) Examine your release carefully -- check for things such as spaces around
the aritst and title, which could produce Artist_-_Title style releases.
Make sure your NFO is filled out properly, and that the release looks fine.
Use common sense in these situations. If youre ripping a soundtrack, you
dont need to put the word Soundtrack in the release title, because its
covered by the OST- prefix. (In essence, it would be OST-Heavy_Metal-1981-EOS,
not OST-Heavy_Metal_Soundtrack-1981-EOS or
OST-Heavy_Metal_Original_Motion_Picture_Soundtrack-1981-EOS.) Releases of this
nature will be rejected until they are properly tagged. Refer below to the
ADVANCED TAGGING section for more information about Soundtrack/VA tagging;
3.10) On that final screen; press Generate complete release button. Your release
is ready!
SOUNDTRACKS DONE BY A SINGLE COMPOSER are tagged differently than the rest:
In this case, it would be Composer-Album-Year-EOS. An example: Instead of
OST-Curious_George-2006-EOS, it would be Jack_Johnson-Curious_George-OST-2006-EOS.
The composer would go in the Artist field, album into the Album field, and OST
would be placed in the Additions box (you have to add this manually.)
VARIOUS ARTIST COMPILATIONS, including Soundtracks containing more than one
composer or a compilation of songs, should be monitored closely. Be sure to
not leave _-_ inbetween artist-title, and whats more, never, EVER include the
artist and title twice in the track. Example:
(These tagging errors actually happen!). Use common sense when tagging your
releases, and if there is an issue with them, it will be addressed by one of the
channel ops when your release is processed.
4) Dont forget to check the release list and the request list before you rip
something. Those can be found through the main EOS channel.
(C) 2006 EOS/apathy
Download nfoEOS_rippers_pack_v10.nfo
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