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Real NFOShow the real NFO
The Recent Busts Future of the Scene Some Extra info
Now we all got tons of links and txts about the im not gonna write
all over again.
As always the scene recover itself after this kinda busts, but its getting time
that we realize that its endless IF we continue as we do now.
Do we want al those for example BBB crap sites with 120gb @ ioFTPD
(no offense dark0ne)...Normal and respected traders wont go to similair places.
The way to sites is verry easy even my granma can be in the scene without knowing shit,
the scene is getting uber lame my dear fiends...we need to block it.
Ofcourse we cant stop this easy...but we can make it harder, so we wont have a next-
genaration with FXP Board crap users....and real sceners with Respect and Love for
there hobby will be hard to find then (maybe its allready :).
So to all dedicated sceners in the nation, spread this release for a better future.
So better future means...that we start PARTING Public irc servers where 100+ sites are,
rebuild ur User DB with trusted users only, not some new user cominfrom no where.
Change ur site nick, and dont use same names for ur channels ect..
To be honest im little shocked how public we made it actually ;/
Its verry n0bbish to say bah we move irc? now i need to get new bnc bla bla ,
so u better like talking with the feds and end up like trash...
People its not so hard to make the real sites UNDERGOUND again.
let the 10mbits kiss ur ass...and never join UNI/low space Ftps,
also dont just join some site u dunno any1 from.
And for all N00BS that dont use FTP to local police dept.
and give urself up.
70 of the scene make his own grave!!!
Thnx for ur time :)
Some scener
...passed the RL!


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