Change of hosting
written by: Kokarn on 2012-10-17 10:14:27

Moved to a new server a couple of weeks back and haven't really had time to fix everything so there might be a problem here or there for a little while.

There should however not be any bugs that directly affects how you can use the site. If you find any of that kind, just mail me and i'll fix them asap.


Protest against SOPA/PIPA
written by: Kokarn on 2012-01-18 10:44:43

Even tho we are not based in the US we still firmly believe that both SOPA and PIPA is a big threat to the internet as we know it and will therefor protest it today, along with everyone else ;)

So, server move...
written by: Kokarn on 2011-03-08 21:55:28

My old host kinda dun goof'd, so i switched. Sorry for the downtime ;)

Working my ass off
written by: Kokarn on 2009-11-30 03:13:19

Found some time and some resources so i've been working on filling our "catalog" with all that's been missing over the years. Started out at 700 or so releases and we are currently at more than the double.

Great work!

Thank you.

Anyways, if you feel you wan't to contribute but can't be bothered to register i've coded an upload bot. If you'r interested contact me.


Damn straight!
written by: Kokarn on 2009-08-29 12:22:35

Once again i have risen from the grave just to please you people, and it didn't even take a year this time! Just fixed the nfo's to show the way they have always been intended to, aswell as fixing some smaller bugs with the upload functions.

And yeah, no more ads....

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